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Inmate Communications




All non-legal inmate mail must be sent to the following address:


Lamar County Detention Center

Inmate Name, Inmate ID number, Facility 5262

PO Box 18247

Greensboro, NC 27419


The envelope must have a complete, legible return address including the sender’s first and last name or the mail will NOT be scanned.  Please print all information clearly.




  • Mail arriving with postage due will be refused and returned to sender if possible.

  • Mail must be 10 pages or less per envelope.

  • Page size must be no larger than 8.5” x 11”.

  • Mail can include written or typed pages, photos, drawings or greeting cards. (NO polaroid photos.)

  • NO glitter, glue, tape, 3D elements, or electronic components (lights, music, animation).

  • NO items containing, depicting, or relating to sexually explicit activity, gang activity, illegal activity, violence, drug, or alcohol use, etc. 

  • NO photos of nude or partially clothed persons

  • NO illegal substances or any other items considered to be contraband.

  • NO magazines, books, or packages mailed to mail processing center.

  • NO cash, personal checks, or money orders mailed to the mail processing center.

  • NO originals of important documents such as Birth Certificates, Driver’s Licenses, Social Security Cards, Green Cards, etc., as they will not be returned.

  • NO original photos or other irreplaceable or valuable items, as they will not be returned.

  • Do not mail legal/privileged mail to the mail processing center.  See instructions below for Legal/Privileged Mail.


Mail meeting these requirements will be scanned within 24 hours of receipt and the physical mail will be destroyed.  Scanned mail will be reviewed by facility staff in a timely manner.  Approved scanned mail will be saved and can be accessed by the inmate via the inmate tablets.


All scanned mail containing materials considered illegal or breaches of security will be turned over to the proper authorities for investigation.  Any threats of criminal activity will not be permitted in any correspondence and may result in criminal charges.




Legal mail must be mailed directly to the facility.  Legal mail must be marked on the envelope as “Legal Mail” and will be opened by the inmate in the presence of facility staff.

Address legal mail as follows:


Lamar County Detention Center

INMATE FULL NAME, inmate ID number (no commissary PIN) 

121 Roberta Drive

Barnesville, GA 30204




  • No magazines or newspapers should be mailed to facility.

  • All money orders should be mailed to Lamar County Detention Center.

  • No inmate-to-inmate mail.




After release, an inmate can request digital copies of his or her scanned mail.  Submit the request to Lt. Stephanie Melton, EMAIL:, and must include the following:


  • Inmate’s Full Name

  • Facility Name:  Lamar County Detention Center

  • Email Address


Once the information is verified, an email with the postal scans attached will be sent the email address provided.


The fastest way to communicate with an inmate is by phone or messaging.  The inmate communications provider for the Lamar County Jail is Pay Tel Communications.  To set up an account with Pay Tel, visit or call 1-800-PAY-TELL. Housing areas have telephones available during the hours of 7am until midnight, 7 days a week.  Calls can be made using prepaid phone time from the inmate's commissary account or by placing a collect call.  The person being called must accept the charges for all calls.  Abuse of the telephones will result in the loss of the privilege, for an indefinite period of time.  Telephone time limit will be determined by the Jail Administrator, based upon the inmate population and the number of telephones available.  Telephone communications for inmates DOES NOT include the same degree of privacy as that of the general public, with the exception of communications with legal counsel, the courts, or other "privileged" individuals.  Therefore, personal telephone calls may be monitored by staff members, for information that may constitute a threat to the safety and security of the facility.  If you have problems accepting collect calls from an inmate at the Lamar County Detention Center please call Paytel at 1-800-729-8355.


Visitation with family members, relatives and friends will be allowed as posted.  Each visit may last up to thirty (30) minutes, but may be limited to ensure equal visitation periods for all eligible inmates.

Current inmate visitation schedule:


Male Last Names Ending A - N - 1:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. Saturday

Male Last Names Ending O - Z - 1:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. Sunday 

Female - 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. Saturday   


Each inmate may designate up to three (3) persons as visitors during the admissions procedure.  No visitors under the age of 17 (unless the spouse of the inmate or accompanied by an adult) are allowed.  Two (2) visitors are allowed each inmate during each visitation period.  The Booking Officer will review and approve visitors.  Only the designated and approved individuals will be allowed to visit.  Any change in the designated persons must be submitted in writing to the Booking Officer for approval.  Visitation by legal counsel, ministers and other privileged individuals will be conducted with the most privacy available and will not be limited or restricted during normal hours.  however, such visitations may be suspended or delayed during scheduled facility programs and services.  All contact visitation (including those noted above) and special visits require specific approval.  Written requests should be submitted to the Jail Administrator for approval. 

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